7 Fun Things to Do in Dubrovnik?

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The city of Dubrovnik is famous for its historic buildings. This city is also known as Ragusa. You can visit this city located on the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia. Tourists come to this city to watch out for the most prominent destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. 

You can plan a trip here to get acquire the culture, heritage of the city. People rush to this city with United
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Here are some of the places which are worth visiting in the city.


The cable car is the best site to have a view from the top terminus at the Panorama bar/restaurant. You can hire a cable car for climbing from the top of Mount Srđ to the walls of the Old Town. People come here to see the cable car soaring for only four minutes. Enjoy your trip which gives an astonishing experience. Adore this wonderful tour of this city which is the most thrilling and adventurous thing to do in the city.

City Walls

Dubrovnik’s City Walls are the additional site to visit. You can come to this sparkling pristine white located at the back of the azure of sea and sky. People come here to watch out for the first port that reveals the craftsmanship who were involved to create them. You can capture tons of serene views from here.

Church of the Holy Annunciation

The Church of the Holy Annunciation is the city’s main attraction. The Church of the Holy Annunciation has been bombed by Serbian forces in 1991. It got damaged during the Siege of Dubrovnik. People visit this Church of the Holy Annunciation to see the orthodox house of worship. Adore the excellent collection of icons.

Revelin Fort

Revelin fort has survived the 1667 earthquake intact. The Revelin fort has been completed in 1549 overlooks the Old Port. You can plan a trip to Revelin fort to see the expert construction preserved till today. You can find fort has been the place where council members assembled to plan the city’s reconstruction. Adore the walls of this huge fort. This Revelin fort also has the Cathedral treasures that were hurriedly stored here. 

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