Privacy Policy

Probably the most important fact before you tries to establish a business relationship with a company is to read its business policies accurately. Unquestionably, transparent and authentic policies are key ideas of a company which helps in curbing any unwanted contradictions and discrepancies. We at Uaflyaofficial invite you to read and go through our travel policies in details. Your business and recommendations is impeccably useful for us and inspire us to strive for the best. We do request you to read and understand the privacy policy in details. Following the guidelines of our Privacy policy will help you to share information in a secured and authentic manner. All the privacy policies would help you to know, understand and acknowledge your responsibilities as a user. If you disagree with any of the below mentioned privacy policy, you should stop using our website. Your usage of our website would be considered a sign of consent to your privacy policies.

Data Collection and Processing:

Our idea is to collect and compile the various data and information to offer better products and services to our clients on our website. As per our privacy policies, it is our fundamental responsibility to protect any information related to our clients. In the proceeding, to keep your information confidential, we impose strict restriction so that noon could access any of your data or information. Only trained expertise do have access to your data. Violation of any privacy policy would be convincing enough to take stern disciplinary action against them. When you visit our website, you are just supposed to input basic information related to you such as name, date of birth, gender and many others. All of this information would be collected when you would visit our website. Some technical information such as IP address would be collected too.

How is the information used?

Basically, your contact details are used just for promotional offers. To keep you posted about the offers and discounts, we do send you messages, emails and letters related to our website. It is with the help of stored data and information which is used as a feedback for us and helps us to introduce new exclusive features, products and services for you. With this, we can also offer you personal products made for you. We do hold the responsibility to not reveal your personal information to any third party except in case of direction by any law enforcement agency as in this situation we do have to provide them.

Cookies Policies:

For faster and better access to our website, we use cookies. When you do register on our website, you are supposed to transfer your cookies to your machine and then enjoy exclusive key features. The string of data that is sent from the website and gets temporarily saved in the memory of your device, such as hard disk of a computer is known as cookies.

Modification in Policy:

We at Uaflyaofficial keep on updating the privacy policy as per the evolution in the market demand. This change would take place without any previous notice and information to the customers. It is the responsibility of the customers as well to keep themselves updated about the changes regarding the privacy policy. It is not our responsibility to keep you posted about the changes.


All the different data and information collected from the various clients individually are stored in the restricted access servers. It is our responsibility to accept the rules and guidelines to safeguard your data saved in servers.

Price change as per Demand and Supply:

It is the market trends that eventually decide the demand and supply of various products and services. It is dependent on the market trend and so you as a customer either have to pay more or lesser than the price stated on the website.

Use of Intellectual Property:

We at Uaflyaofficial host a huge number of qualitative content, images, logos and symbols are considered to be the intellectual property. Even our website does not have any copyright over it. Also, you, as a user, are not supposed to use this information or data for personal or commercial purposes. If there is any usage of information for commercial purposes, you might have to compensate for the damage of the reputation.