Terms and Conditions

High Commitment, genuine conduct and transparency in business are some of the key quality that attracts the customers towards us. It is our responsibility to keep our customers updated and informed about our terms and conditions in details. Fair dealing is one of the most important factors that seek the attention of the customer towards us. Our motive is to represent our terms, conditions and policies in a systematic and organized way to avoid any kind of discrepancies in future. Our idea is to make it look simple, crisp and understanding enough so that anyone who wants to be a part of our huge family is left with zero doubts.

We at Uaflyaofficial wholeheartedly welcome our customers to read the various terms and conditions in details. We offer you the discretion to know, read and understand the ways our travel company works. We insist our customers to thoroughly understand our terms and conditions to avoid any contradictions in future. All the below-mentioned information is in sync with the guidelines of the company. We insist you to read and understand each and every word before purchasing any product or enjoying any services from our renowned travel-based company.

Agreements with Terms and Conditions:

Before you decide to buy any products and enjoy any services from our website, you must agree to our terms and conditions. This process is done to avoid any chaos, confusion, contradictions and discrepancies in future. Your acceptance of our terms and policies ensures that you are abided by the stated guidelines and policies of our company. If you do not agree or sync with the mentioned or stated terms, it is our prior responsibility to inform you that you must refrain yourself to use our website for purchasing the products and services.

Alterations in Terms and Conditions:

As the travel industry is highly competitive and ever-evolving, the modification in the terms and conditions of the company is common. This alteration or changes take place without any prior notice sent to the customers. It is the responsibility of the customers too to check out the updated or latest terms and conditions of the website before using it. We expect our customers to read and understand the policies before using our website. It would not be our responsibility if you did miss out any important point. Close observation and speculation are necessary factor when you are going through the terms and conditions.

Third-Party Referrals:

You might find certain links used on our website for reference purposes. Though, we do not take any responsibility for the direct connection of these links. We aren't usually the ones to verify the authenticity of these links and their products. So, we do request you to read, understand their terms and conditions before you do establish any business deals with them.

Copyright and Website Content:

The enriched content that is published on our website is to enhance the user's experience. Any user cannot use the published content for any personal or commercial purposes. Only the exclusive internal teams of the company do have the right to copy, print, alter, recreate or distribute the content on our website. If there is any misuse of intellectual property of the site, the team would be compelled to take strict action against it.

General Instructions:

It is the Federal Arbitration Act and the Federal Mediation Act that governs our rules and regulations. It is the State Legislation that applies to the billing address for reservation created by the residents of the United States in the U.S and its territories. In case you disagree with the rules and regulations that are mentioned above, we insist you to stop using our website.